Wednesday, September 16, 2009

City Meat Market closed

The only reason I know that City Meat Market is closed because I read it in the Sun. And it appears that a lot of people found out from the Sun. Hmmmm. The old fogies are lamenting the loss of yet another Naperville landmark, but let's face it, it closed years ago when it was sold and he moved from downtown to Cress Creek. That was the kiss of death. So that leaves Casey's as the place to buy meats. I haven't tried Whole Foods, but frankly I can't see how they have a real butcher in there. There might be a few others, but I use Casey's if I need meat.

City Meat left downtown because (Shock) the rents were going up. And so that space is now a shoe shop. I think an upscale shop that never seems to have a lot of traffic. But the closing of City Meat reflects a changing Naperville and one that I think may have changed too much. I'm not someone who can sit back and chew the fat about the old days in downtown Naperville. I've only lived here for about 30 years. I remember Ceebee's Grocery and a few other nuggets, but old downtown Naperville was catering to that crowd that lived in Old Naperville. And times have changed, but did they have to change so much that the stores and restaurants are boring?