Friday, February 11, 2011

Blue Ginger Sushi - Woodridge, IL

I love sushi. I really do. My wife is indifferent to it, but my oldest son loves it as well. When he comes into town, we gang up on my wife and go for sushi. Recently we went to Blue Ginger which is on 53 near the Seven Bridges Golf Course. Frankly this is a A+ place. And why? Because when we left, my wife says, we should try this again.

The restaurant is very hip and very modern looking, but not so fussy that it makes you feel out of place. They have some crafted drinks that are very good and worth it. But the food. This is a fusion style sushi which means that they have traditional sushi, but they also have sushi for non-sushi eaters. Since I think every dining group has a sushi lover and a sushi disliker, Blue Ginger offers enough of a difference to make it worth a trip. I figure if one of you hates hates hates sushi, you wouldn't be reading this anyway.

This is worth a try. Like most sushi places, it isn't cheap, but frankly, it wasn't that overly priced. My fear in a sushi place is I'll drop a hundred bucks and want to stop for a burger on the way home. This isn't like that.

Blue Ginger is at 6320 South Route 53, Woodridge, IL. It is in the Seven Bridges Golf Course area (north of Hobson). Their web site is here.