Monday, March 15, 2010

Pizza Fusion-Naperville Closed?!?

I just read in the Naperville Sun that the Pizza Fusion on 75th Street closed. I'm a little shocked because I thought the food was very good, it had a good hook (organic, gluten free etc), a great location, pretty interior and adequate parking. So why did it close. We were there about a month ago and it was packed on a Friday or Saturday night. It wasn't a big space and probably that was a problem, but frankly it looked like it would do well.

It is one thing to say that a hook like being organic and all might not work in Naperville. But thereshould be enough people that will go for that. Naperville isn't a very trendy eating city (OK, it isn't trendy at all). The important point to me was although it was a nice hook, but the food was very good. I have a taste for a PF pizza right now.

So I doubt it was for lack of business or a bad location. I can only assume either Naperville can't really support a place like this or some bad business management. It is too bad, it was a cute, fun restaurant with good food. I'll miss it.