Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cafe Buonaro's revisited again

I think I have posted about Buonaro's before, but I want to give a heads up to a recent trip we had. I think the restaurant is as good, if not better than before. I also think that people there know what it takes to be a good restaurant and channel Ron's spirit through each dish. It is a great indie restaurant.

The family is still there with Regina working behind the register and the daughters working the room. I think when we were there Tina stopped by and chatted us up. Ron would be proud of herjavascript:void(0) schmoozing. And I say that with a warm spot for Ron. The staff remembers us and chats with is like we are family. And I feel like I'm a part of the family there.

The food is as good (or a little better) than when Ron was alive. The kitchen as did the staff when Ron was sick, but it came back with a great chef and he has found his niche.

I still miss Ron. When I think of restaurateurs, I will always think of him. But go there and enjoy.

Bypass the chain 'Italian' restaurants in downtown Naperville. Take a short drive to 5th Ave and try it again. I think this is one of Naperville's hidden gems.