Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Armands Pizzeria Express - Naperville

In a previous post, I lamented the loss of Pizza Fusion. I would still like a Pizza Fusion to come back to Naperville, but a new place replaced Pizza Fusion and I think it is a winner. Armand's Pizzeria Express is in the shopping center with Dick's and Whole Foods. It is a part of a Chicago area chain with locations in three places in Chicago, Naperville and Plainfield as their "express" locations and full service in Elmhurst and Arlington Heights. The express locations have a simpler menu and more of a fast food feel.

Importantly, how is the pizza. It is a very thin crust pizza with a very good sauce and well topped. The pizza is 'well done' by some standards, but I thought it tasted more like the pizzas I remember as a kid, with a bit of brownness to the cheese etc. With the thin crust, it can come out of the ovens quicker than most so a drop in isn't a bad wait. They also offer pizza by the slice.

Naperville's location has a more take out feel. Paper plates, plastic ware etc. Salads were in take away containers, but hey they were pretty good. They have wine, but no beer as it seems even the full service restaurants only have wine.

It is not fussy or expensive. They got lucky in Naperville with a nice location and setting. I know we are going back.