Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OMango Indian Restaurant

We recently were hunting for a Radio Shack and ran across OMango Indian restaurant on Rt 59.  We walked in liked the menu and then promptly came back that evening for dinner.  I really like this place.  I love  Indian food.  In fact we had been to Indian Harvest the night before.  But this is different than a classic Indian restaurant.

OMango is a fast food sort of Chaat-type restaurant.  In other words, quicker, street type food.  The other thing is the food is less oily and baked instead of fried.   I need to tell my Indian doctor about this, she might actually approve of it.  "Oh the oil and the white rice are so bad for you" I can hear her telling me about my love of Indian food.

The menu is simple.  They offer wraps and dosas (think Indian quesadillas), curries, tandoori and then sides, snacks items and breads.   They then offer two items (like two wraps) or one item.  So you can figure out how much you want to see.  When we went, Justin, my stepson, had a chicken wrap with marsala sauce, I think.  My wife had paneer makhani and I had a special shrimp vindaloo and dal.  The curries came with nan, white or brown rice, a little salad and a chutney.  We also had the baked samosas.

The samosas were a little dry and need a little more sauce to help it.  Without the typical oil used to make and fry, it needed a little more that way.  However, the taste was great.   I don't know much about the chicken marsala wrap, since Justin never really put it down.  The paneer makhani was very good.  Maybe not as oily/silky as a typical order but very tasty.  The shrimp vindaloo was very nicely spiced and the dal was also very very good.

In the end, we spent around $20 something for dinner.  The night before we spent about $60 for the three of us.   We ate out on the patio.  It may overlook a parking lot, but it was nice and would be better on a summer evening.

We will not give up on traditional Indian food.  I still like Indian Harvest and India House in Oak Brook Terrace.  But some days, when we have a taste for a bit of spice and we are in the Fox Valley area, I would certainly go back.   I also like it because if I'm out alone, I would love to go here and be able to get good Indian food without the fuss of a restaurant.

OMango is not easy to find, but it is next to the Red Lobster just south of the train tracks on Route 59.  Turn west on Meridian Parkway and take the first right (north) on an access road.

The web location and menu can be found  at