Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Globe Cafe - Evanston

This is a little far afield, but there are moments when a restaurant hits you as something different. On Memorial Day, we took the in-laws up to the north shore area and on our way back found ourselves in Evanston and needing to eat. Checking in with the IPad Oracle on food, we sort of ran across a place next to the Hotel Orrington called the Globe Cafe and Bar. It was a slow time (3ish), but we thought we would take a chance. We were pleasantly surprised.

First reaction is the Globe is a casual dining restaurant. Very open and airy with an outside seating area. Our server was very nice and we knew it was a slow time and therefore restaurant time moves at a different rate. We ordered soft drinks and tea and found the menu has a number of choices that really appealed. My wife and I decided to try three appetizers and split them. We had the fried calamari and shrimp, a spinach and mushroom quesadilla and the fish tacos. First, they were a lot larger than most appetizers. We could not finish them. The fried calamari and shrimp were very good (sorry guys, but the Ram Restaurant in Schaumburg beats everyones). The quesadilla was again very good with a good portobella mushroom and spinach inside. The fish tacos were two small taco salad type cups with grilled tilapia and all the fixing. I love fish tacos and these were handled with a little difference and still felt like it was a fish taco. My in-laws decided to share a 1/2 lb burger. And here is where this place stands out.

Since they wanted to share, they were trying to figure out what to order. The server says, what ever you want how ever you want it. Basically, they made the burger and cut it in half, cut the bun in half and then proceeded to make two different sandwiches.

When we left, we asked to have the apps wrapped. There was a little cocktail sauce left (very little) and the server put it in a to go cup for us. He didn't have to, but most of the meal was based on they didn't have to do what they did.

We won't get to Evanston that often. However, if I needed a casual meal and I was there, I would want to go back. I wish more restaurants near me had this menu and this level of service. I would go about every week.

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